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Here are pictures of many of our cars, as well as cars owned by our friends. We like original cars, restored cars and street rods.  Each car listed by year and name.   Most of the restoration work and building of these cars was done in our shop at www.tptools.com .  TP Tools is located in Canfield, Ohio and is one of the leading sources of restoration tools and equipment in the country. They specialize in HVLP Paint Spray Systems, Glass Bead Cabinets and most any other tools and equipment required for auto or truck restoration. Send for a free 150 page catalog.

Cars shown; 1939 Cadillac LaSalle (older restoration came from a museum in Oklahoma) has original flathead V8 327 Cu. Inch engine. This car can be driven at highway speeds and back in 1939 was one of the fastest production cars made.  It runs and rides as good as it looks.

1966 Corvette is in progress of a total "body-off" restoration.   Purchased in the 1970s  from a very nice "lady owner",  all numbers match on this original car. Freshly painted in original Milano Maroon it will be one of the best when completed. No expense has been  spared in the restoration of this car.

1934 Dodge Street Rod Pickup was a one-year project and was built by Bob Darney. This truck has a complete new chassis, disk brakes, new 350 cu. inch Chevrolet Ram-Jet engine, air conditioning, CD player, sound system and  genuine leather and ostrich interior. Wins a trophy at every show.

Mark Torella works for Skat Blast, making Glass Bead Cabinets (see www.skatblast.com for pictures of how Skat Blast Cabinets are built. His very nice red 1948 Ford F1 pickup is also a trophy winner and is a real beauty.

Fred's first antique vehicle was the original 1929 Ford Model A Closed Cab Pickup.  This was purchased in the early 1960s for $150 and driven home. Later a body-off restoration was done and it was painted original Rock Moss Green and Black. It stayed in our family for over 20 years and was finally sold to an owner in Daytona Beach Florida where it is still driven in parades.

A nice white 1958 Lincoln Continental Convertible is also shown. It was restored in the early 1970s and later found a home in Illinois.  At the time, it was driven from Ohio to Illinois without a problem and got 14 mpg.

A really nice (and fast) race car is John's Corvette dragster. This car can easily exceed 200 mph in the quarter mile and is shown next to the trailer at the Salem, Ohio drag strip in the summer of 2006.

Next in the works is a real nice original 1937 Ford tudor hump back deluxe sedan. This will be built into a street rod this coming winter. This car is shown in front of TP Tools, next to a nice 1951 Ford Stake truck that was located on a local estate with only 23,000 original miles.  It was restored to new condition about 7 years ago.     Here are some nice antique and special interest car sites:

Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)          www.aaca.org

Cadillac LaSalle Club (CLC)                                         www.cadillaclasalleclub.org

Lincoln & Continental Owners Club (LCOC)             www.lcoc.org

Manheim Gold Book of Antique Car Values              www.manheimgold.com

Hyman Ltd. (many antique cars for sale)                  www.hymanltd.com

St. Louis Car Museum (Corvettes & others)             www.stlouiscarmuseum.com


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