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39 LaSalle - Restored -  Photos of completed restoration.  This restoration was started in March of 2007 and completed in late November of 2007.   Adding for later detailing in 2008, the entire project took about one year.   Car was shown at the 2008 Cadillac-LaSalle Grand Nationals in August of 2008 and won a First Place for its class (1939-1940 LaSalle Primary).   For Slide Show - Left click on any picture below and then press "Start" to view all the pictures.
Restoration is now complete -  Car was restored to detailed specifications shown in the new Class 5 Authenticity Manual published by the Cadillac-LaSalle Club and is 100% original as when delivered in 1939.  You can obtain a copy of this manual at minimal cost by contacting the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, PO Box 360835, Columbus, OH 43236 or at www.cadillaclasalleclub.org
After you get to the Cadillac-LaSalle site, click on Authenticity Manuals on left column of page.  You can also contact:

CLC Authenticity Manual
c/o William C. Anderson, P. E.
2198 Johns Hopkins Rd.
Gambrills, MD 21054-1614

Photos of finished car have been posted below.    CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER PICTURE.

Entire process took about one year and was done in the restoration shop at TP Tools in Canfield, Ohio.  Please feel free to make copies of any photos on this web site for your files.  Thank you for your interest in this restoration.  Other photos of this car and detailed restoration techniques will be shown in the TP Tools Spring and Fall Catalogs in 2008.  To obtain a copy of these catalogs, click on www.tptools.com  and click on Free Catalog at their web site, or call TP Tools at 1-800-321-9260 and a free catalog will be mailed to you via 1st Class Mail.    The Spring 2008 catalog is now available and shows photos of the LaSalle on the cover and a restoration story follows on the first few pages.   The fall 2008 TP Tools Catalog will be available in late September of 2008 and will feature the entire restoration from start to finish.
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